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1 have as a part, be made up out of; "The list includes the names of many famous writers" [ant: exclude]
2 consider as part of something; "I include you in the list of culprits" [ant: exclude]
3 add as part of something else; put in as part of a set, group, or category; "We must include this chemical element in the group"
4 allow participation in or the right to be part of; permit to exercise the rights, functions, and responsibilities of; "admit someone to the profession"; "She was admitted to the New Jersey Bar" [syn: admit, let in] [ant: exclude]

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1402, from includere (to shut in, enclose, insert), from in- (in) + claudere (to shut).



  1. To bring into a group, class, set, or total as a (new) part or member.
    I will purchase the vacation package if you will include car rental.
  2. To contain, as parts of a whole.
    The vacation package includes car rental.


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  1. third-person singular indicative present of includere

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accouple, accumulate, add, admit, agglutinate, allow for, amalgamate, amass, articulate, assemble, assimilate, associate, band, beleaguer, beset, besiege, blend, blockade, bond, bound, box in, bracket, bridge, bridge over, cage, catalogue, categorize, cement, chain, chamber, clap together, classify, close in, coalesce, collect, combine, come together, compass, complete, compound, comprehend, comprise, concatenate, conglobulate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, consolidate, contain, coop, coop in, coop up, copulate, cordon, cordon off, corral, count, count in, couple, cover, embed, embody, embrace, encircle, enclose, encompass, enfold, enshrine, envisage, fence in, file, fill, fill in, fill out, flux, fuse, gather, glue, group, hedge in, hem in, hold, house in, impound, imprison, incarcerate, incorporate, integrate, interblend, interfuse, internalize, involve, jail, join, keep within, kennel, knot, lay together, league, leaguer, link, list, lump together, make one, marry, marshal, mass, meld, melt into one, merge, mew, mew up, mix, mobilize, number, number among, occupy, pair, pen, pen in, piece together, pocket, put in, put together, quarantine, rail in, receive, reckon among, reckon in, reckon with, reembody, register, roll into one, shade into, shrine, shut in, shut up, solder, solidify, span, splice, stable, stick together, subsume, surround, syncretize, syndicate, synthesize, tabulate, take in, take into account, take into consideration, take up, tape, tie, unify, unite, wall in, weld, wrap, yard, yard up, yoke
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